Saturn in 5th House of Vedic Astrology | Shani in Your Horoscope

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Saturn's placement in the 5th house is not that bad but actually a challenging one. It delays implications of the house where it is placed in the horoscope, but its nature is more malefic.When Saturn is placed in the 5th house, native feels some lack of happiness, appreciation as well as love in the...

Saturn in 4th House of Vedic Astrology | Shani in Your Horoscope

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Saturn is in the 4th house is known to be responsible for conditions of unhappiness, coldness, isolation. There would be unloving, restrictive, and unhappy relationship with parents who don't let any other person being close in life. There are also compelling need to make a pleasant abode and secure...

Saturn in 3rd house of Vedic Astrology | Effect of Saturn in Birth Chart

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The third house is known as the house of efforts, Parakram Bhava or Sahaj Bhava. It indicates a relationship with siblings, either a brother or sister. The nature of this house associated with bravery, daring, boldness, courage, etc. When Saturn transit in the third house, is considered one of the b...
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